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Last week, we celebrated Halloween with the entire biology department with the annual Pumpkinfest, a spook-tacular festival that draws together students and staff from across the department. In addition to a costume contest and lunch with seasonally appropriate food (think pumpkin pie for dessert, for example), Pumpkinfest features an intense pumpkin carving competition that pits labs against each other. The competition is quite fierce, and prizes are awarded in several categories, including “best overall gourd”, “best depiction of a faculty member”, and “most scientific”. Among the highlights this year:


[ The Red-Horse lab salutes their study of cardiovascular development]

Bergmann Lab

[A spoof of recent political events by the Bergmann lab]

We, too, had a great time carving some pumpkins and putting together a display highlighting our lab!

Hadly Lab Pumpkin Fest

[Our table and poster at Pumpkinfest!]

Two of our pumpkins were dedicated to lab project highlights – the first featured Pikachu, drawing attention to the work done by Katie Solari and Lily Li on pikas, cute little creatures that are relatives of hares and rabbits.

Pika Pumpkin

[Gotta catch ‘em all!]

The second pumpkin featured bats, an homage to Hannah Frank’s work on parasite infection in bats. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a bat fly on top of the bat… and a fungus infecting that bat fly. Very meta.

Batty Pumpkin

[Going batty!]

Of course, we also had fun with some non-scientific pumpkins! Hannah carved this classic, scary pumpkin who’s had one too many pieces of pie:


[Pumpkin spewing guts…]

And perhaps our most fun pumpkin featured Liz, who loves tweeting about science – you could pull out and read her latest tweets from inside the pumpkin!

Liz Pumpkin

[Complete with live tweets!]

And finally, we leave you with some behind-the-scenes photos from the pumpkin carving!


Hannah and Jeremy

Scary Hannah

- Jeremy and Lily