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For those of us not traipsing through jungles or digging through museum collections, summer brings the opportunity to delve into research without the distraction of classes. And it brings a lot of new, often younger, faces into the lab.

In this photo you can see everyone working hard on a Wednesday afternoon in the morphology room. Jeremy (far right) is looking through rodent specimens that were excavated from an Argentinian cave while Melissa (pink sweater) sorts through lizard bones collected from the Lesser Antilles. Mindy (undergrad; purple short sleeved shirt) is hard at work using her skills as a computer scientist to help me process blood smear images. Seth (undergrad; grey t-shirt, left) and I are consulting textbooks in an attempt to find the eyes on an Anastrebla sp. bat fly individual. (It’s harder than it looks!)

Meanwhile ZiXiang (below) is furiously photographing salamander vertebrae for his undergrad thesis, assisted by Emily, our high school volunteer.

Below Emily sorts and catalogs hundreds of vertebrae.

Summer presents a great opportunity for us grad students to mentor younger students and teach them new skills and a great opportunity for undergraduates and high school students to try research. As one can tell from the photos and descriptions above, there’s a lot going on in the Hadly lab and the unique skills and approaches each person brings make it a fun, productive environment. With any luck we’ll all finish the summer with a lot more data but certainly we’ll finish it having had a lot of fun.